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Visitor Parking

We are a department of the University and would like to pay for our guests parking, how can we do this and what are our options?
  • Your first option is to make a garage reservation using your UA Department account. You will need to provide the date(s), estimated arrival and departure times, number of spaces you would like to reserve and the group name and/or list of names. You are billed for the number of spaces you reserve whether or not they are used as the spaces are held. Should the garage “Full” sign be displayed, your guest will need to intercom the cashier for access. Please visit
  • Another option is to purchase $1 Validation coupons and pay for guests parking. Coupons are exchanged dollar for dollar. The maximum charge at Second Street is $16, all other garages have a maximum charge of $8. These do not guarantee a parking space. Guests will park on a space available basis. Coupons can be used at any of the pay garages. Contact Customer Service at 520-626-7275 for more information regarding the purchase of $1 Validation Coupons.
How much time do I have to cancel a reservation without being charged?
You have up to the day before or Friday if it is for the following Monday.

We will need x number of garage reservations but may need extra spaces, how can we make sure the extra guests are allowed to park and validated through our account?
  • We can make a reservation that will allow extras on a space available basis. Extras are not guaranteed a space if the garage is full. They will then be directed to another garage at which point the department will need to give us a call to make a reservation for that garage otherwise your guest will be charged.
What should our guest do if the garage has a full sign when they show up?
They will need to intercom the cashier and identify themselves as having a reservation for access. The intercom is located at the entrance gate. They will then have to identify themselves again before exiting for validation.
How much are Validation Coupons and how are they sold?
$1 Validation Coupons are sold in books of 25 only and cost $25 per book. These require two coupons per hour.
Only Departments and approved Affiliated Agencies can purchase validation coupons. Campus Departments must pay through UA Financials.
We have VIP Guests coming in and would like spaces reserved in the lot or meters, how can we do this?
PTS would need to know the number of spaces needed to determine the number of barricades, signs and unit of flagging or meter bags required. Some cases require flyers to be posted on vehicles. "Reserve" permits would need to be displayed on those vehicles utilizing the spaces to avoid citations. Either the department would have to mail them out in advance or hand them out as they arrive.
How do I get a permit to park on Campus?
  • Faculty, staff or student: Contact Customer Relations to check on availability and other options such as the waiting list.
  • Visitors: Purchase a visitor permit valid for Zone 1 OR South of Sixth lots @ $8/day or a disabled permit if required with proof. Call the office at (520)626-7275 to speak with Customer Service.
  • Other options are to park at other visitor pay parking areas such as parking garages or pay stations, please call (520)621-3710 for Visitor Programs.
We are hosting a Summer Program and would like to know the cost of parking and where would they park?
Contact Visitor Programs at (520)621-3710.

I have no place to park because you have reserved my usual parking area for a specific use?
The "Visitors Parking Section" has a responsibility to work with Departments and Programs to help them accommodate the large number of guests that sometimes come on campus to attend their sponsored events. It is not our intent to do this at the detriment of regular season parkers, but sometimes a balancing act is required to accommodate both groups. When this is done, we are always careful to assure that alternate proximity parking is available to those permit holders that we may displace.
I am attending the UApresents Performance and would like to know where I can park?
  • Disabled parking is provided in the lot next to Centennial Hall on a first come first serve basis. You would need to enter on South Campus Dr off of Park Ave.
  • General parking is available in the Tyndall Ave Garage or Main Gate Garage (for larger performances). Fees may apply.
I am attending Football/Basketball game, where can I park and how much does it cost?
Please see our website.

I am having an event on the Mall and need access. How can we get in?
Have you filled out a Campus Mall Use Form? If not then you will need to contact Mall Scheduling first, once your event has been approved, provide us with a copy and then we can make all the necessary arrangements. There is a $17 gate fee that needs to be paid, permits to be picked up and forms to sign no later than 12 PM before the event date in order for us to schedule and provide the services. We will need to know the number of vehicles, names of drivers, do they need 15 minutes or 1/2 hr to unload/load and what time would you like the gates opened.
We would like to provide transportation for our event and would like to know how much it would cost to charter a Cat Tran shuttle?
Shuttle service is provided at a minimum of three hours (if the driver is called in for service outside of his/her regular shift). The first three hours are $200, and $60 for each hour after that (billed in 15-minute increments). Stand down time is $35 per hour (a minimum of 1 hour of inactivity is required). Cancellation fees may apply. Please visit: Cat Tran Shuttle
We have scheduled a field trip to the University and need to know where we can park our bus.
Contact Visitor Programs at (520)621-3710 to make arrangements.

Garage Parking

Do visitors have in and out privileges?
No, the rate is effective for the duration of your stay upon exit.

Is there overnight parking? Can I arrange for overnight parking for one night?
Authorized permit holders who display their permits can park overnight. We sell overnight permits - $12/day - out by 9 AM.

What forms of payment are accepted at the cashier?
MasterCard, Visa, Cat Cards, and cash is accepted.

What forms of payment are accepted at pay stations and exit gates?
MasterCard and Visa only. 2nd St Garage does not have pay on exit.

What if my garage visitor ticket gets lost/stolen?
Cherry Avenue Garage, Highland Avenue Garage, Main Gate Garage, Park Avenue Garage, Sixth Street Garage, and Tyndall Avenue Garage: $10.00 for a lost ticket.
Second Street Garage: You will need to pay the garage cashier $16.00 for a lost ticket.
If vehicles are leaving, why doesn't the full light go off and why can't I come in?
In some cases, the vehicles that are exiting are permit holders. Their spaces remain reserved so it does not affect the count. When the garage is full we cannot allow other visitors in because spaces for permit holders and reservations are reserved. We suggest utilizing the Garage Full App to locate which garage has availability.
How do I make a reservation?
Have the department you are visiting contact Visitor Programs at (520) 621-3710.

How can I buy a permit?
You can request to purchase a parking permit online if you are a student or UA Employee. For any other requests, please email

Why is the 10 minute parking so far from the cashier's booth?
n most cases, it is more convenient and easier to remember for a person to pay for their parking before returning to their vehicle. The Cashier's booth is centrally located for this purpose. All garages have self help pay stations so you can avoid the cashier booth altogether.
Where is the closest motorcycle parking?
Check our Viewing this link requires Adobe Acrobat Viewer motorcycle parking map.

Can I pay in advance?
This has been discontinued. To avoid seeing the cashier, all garages are equipped with self help pay stations called CatPAD (Pay and Dash).
Can I pay at the exit gate like every other parking garage in Tucson?
Our garages are equipped to accept credit card payment upon exit with the exception of 2nd Street Garage. All garages have self-help pay stations so you can skip the line at the cashier when paying with a Mastercard or Visa.

Parking Pay Stations

What are all the different methods of payment at street or surface lot meter parking?
The machines accept credit cards, debit cards and Cat Ca$h for payments. Customers can also pay by phone by downloading the PayByPhone app to pay via cell phone once you have their service established with them. This service will also send out a text message when the pay station is about to expire.
How do I sign up for the phone feature?
Set up a free account 1 of 3 ways:
  1. On your smartphone by downloading the PayByPhone app or enter on your phone's browser.
  2. At your computer: .
  3. Call: 1-888-450-7275 and follow the prompts. Stickers will be posted on the pay stations s with these same instructions.
How does the phone feature work?
  1. Load the app or . Or call 1-888-450-7275.
  2. Enter the location code: # 4562 and your Parking space #.
  3. Enter desired parking time in increments of one minute.
Can I extend time at a pay station by using the Pay-By-Phone feature?
Yes you can. If the original transaction was made in the Pay-By-Phone system you simply access your account and select the extend time option for the current parking session. If the original transaction was made at the pay station, you can still extend time with Pay-By-Phone. However, the new transaction made with Pay-By-Phone will overwrite the existing transaction made at the pay station. Therefore, if you had five minutes left on the current parking session and you added 60 minutes the result would be that you would have 60 minutes of parking; not 65 minutes.
Does the pay station print a receipt for my parking if I use the Pay-By-Phone feature? If not, how could I prove I paid for parking if I get a ticket?
No receipt is printed at the pay station for Pay-By-Phone transactions. When you establish an account with Pay-By-Phone it asks you for an e-mail address. When you make a Pay-By-Phone transaction, you get an e-mail receipt for the parking session. This serves as your personal receipt for payment and also provides proof that you paid for parking.
If I pay for parking using the Pay-By-Phone service will I get a warning when my parking session is about to expire?
Yes. Five minutes before your parking is going to expire you will receive text page letting you know. That text page will give you the option of extending your time through another Pay-By-Phone transaction. If you pay at the pay station you will receive no such notice. Standard text rates may apply.
Is there a maximum and minimum time limit?
This depends on the various pay stations. The pay station will direct you on how much time you can put in. It's dependent on the location of the pay station. Signs will indicate this information.
Will the machines work when it's not a sunny day?
Yes, the pay station requires very little direct sunlight to charge the battery and then the battery can go several days with no or very little sunlight.
What are the digital pay stations operating hours?
You are required to pay Monday through Friday from 7 AM to 5 PM. The digital pay station will still operate during the other hours, but when you come up to pay it will pop up with a little message on the screen displaying, "You don't have to pay right now."
Do the digital pay stations store any private information?
No. The machines store no cash because they don't accept any cash. Also, as soon as you swipe your card into the machine, it will transmit all that data instantaneously, so your cards approved. The credit card information leaves the pay station and data is not retained in the station.
How do the machines work?
When you go to a spot that would normally have had a coin meter, now there will be a sign which will have a space number. There will be a digital pay station within half block vicinity which will be asleep with a dark screen. Press any button on the pay station to get started and it will wake up with a welcome message. Press the ok button and it will ask "what space number are you parked in?" Type the space number on the digital keypad and it will ask "whether you want to add time to an existing payment or have a new ticket." Choose either option and it will then ask how much time you need. Then press in the amount of time and it will display how much that payment is. Swipe in your credit or debit card and it will let you know that it's authorizing it and will print out a receipt that will come out toward the bottom. Pull the receipt out and you're finished.
What are the rate charges?
$2 an hour. You may purchase time in increments of 15 minutes at the Pay Stations. When using the Pay By Phone feature, you may purchase time in increments of one minute.
Do the pay stations collect cash?
No, the pay stations do not accept cash. If you only have cash on hand, it is recommended to go to the nearest garage with an open cashier booth. Otherwise, payment may be accepted by the PayByPhone app.
I have a parking permit in this surface lot that also has meters, does my parking permit work in the meter spots too?
It does not. Displaying a University parking permit does not exempt payment of a parking meter. The parking permit and metered parking spot are counted separately and are paid separately.


Second Street Garage Permits

What is the availability of Second Street Garage permits?
Currently there are no permits available in the Second Street Garage (SEC), and we do not have a waiting list available for this garage. The Second Street Garage is the smallest garage on campus and the most desired because of its location. The turnover for permits in the garage is very low; those who already have permits do not often give them up. Recently, activity in the center of campus has created a need for more visitor parking than is available. To alleviate congestion here, we have reassigned a small number of spaces for non-permit holders which were previously unavailable to visitors. We will continue to evaluate permits that are returned and allot the limited parking capacity in the most efficient and convenient manner possible.

Permit Assignment and Distribution

What are the permit assignment priorities?
Parking is limited and unfortunately not everyone will be able to obtain a permit. The following priorities have been developed in order to fairly allocate parking permits.

Specific priority groups are as follows:
Login with your NetID (do not create a guest login) at
  1. Students that have an annual or academic permit as of the last day in February have priority in renewing their current permit as long as they respond via the web registration process before the deadline. If you do not receive a registration email, please check your spam or junk mail folder.
  2. When the number of available permits for an area has decreased due to loss of spaces the permit holder will be assigned an alternate location and the option of requesting a change to another type of permit. Change requests are assigned on a first come, first served basis as of the date the customer responds via web on the Parking Account Portal.

Employees on Payroll Deduction:
Registration will occur in late Spring at
  1. All employees on payroll deduction are not required to renew their permit parking--permits will be automatically renewed on their behalf.
  2. If an employee needs to change parking location, the request may be made at Parking Account Portal.
  3. When permits in your requested location are no longer available, you will be assigned an alternative location. If the alternate location is not desired, permit holders may request a change to another type of permit. Change requests are assigned on a first come, first service basis. When you are assigned a permit, an email will be sent to you. Be sure to check your Junk mail to make sure your assignment email did not go to that folder. If you decide you would like to change waitlist selections, you may do so by accessing your Parking Account Portal. Requesting a change will move you to the bottom of the waitlist for that permit section.
  4. Permit holders needing to cancel payroll deductions must contact Customer Relations for assistance at or (520) 626-7275.

Employees not on payroll deduction:
Registration will occur in late Spring at Employees that have a permit as of the last day in February, but are not enrolled in payroll deductions have priority registration. When permits in your requested location are no longer available, you will be assigned an alternative location. If the alternate location is not desired, permit holders may request a change to another type of permit. Change requests are assigned on a first come, first service basis. When you are assigned a permit, an email will be sent to you. Be sure to check your Junk mail to make sure your assignment email did not go to that folder. If you decide you would like to change wait list selections, email Customer Relations at or (520) 626-7275. Requesting a change will move you to the bottom of the wait list for that permit section.
Registration will occur in late Spring at Permit holders in any of the groups above who fail to register by date indicated in an email we send out will lose their early registration advantage. They will be considered for assignment based solely on the date they actually registered.

What happens if I don't get my waitlist choice?
Parking and Transportation Services will maintain your waitlist position until you are assigned your choice or until February when waitlists are purged.
What if I don't get assigned the location I want?
You will remain on the waitlist until you are assigned your choice or until February when waitlists are purged. An email will be sent to your main email address (ending in if you are assigned a permit. Be sure to check your Junk mail regularly and before deleting it to make sure your assignment email did not go to that folder. If you decide you would like to change waitlist selection, visit your Parking Account Portal. Requesting a change will move you to the bottom of the waitlist for that permit section.
When will I be notified that my permit assignment has been made and permit distribution has begun?
Permit assignment notifications will be sent out via email in late Spring. Assigned permit holders will receive a billing statement called an “eBill” via email. Permits are mailed to address on file within 7 days of purchase. Permits that are not purchased by the deadline referenced in the “eBill” will be assigned to the individuals that are on the wait list. Permit distribution notifications will be sent out via email in July upon shipment. If you have not received an “eBill” by the end of July please contact Customer Relations at or (520) 626-7275.

Parking Request Status

How can I check on the status of my parking assignment?
Parking permit assignments begin mid Spring for current permit holders and late Spring for new permit holders. If you have not received an email by the end of July please check your status on the Parking Account Portal.
I don't read my University e-mail. How can I be sure that the parking office has received my parking request?
You can check your parking status online at any time. In an effort to become more efficient and to comply with the UA guidelines, permit assignments from the waitlist will be sent by e-mail only. There are a number of computer labs around campus that you can utilize if you currently do not own a computer. You may also call our Customer Relations office at (520) 626-7275 or email us at
What do I do if I received a parking assignment but did not receive my permit?
If you purchased your permit by the end of July and do not receive it in the mail on or before the 3rd week of August, please contact Customer Relations at Customer Relations Specialists will investigate and contact you. Upon verification that payment has been received and the permit was issued and mailed, you will be given instructions on how to obtain a replacement. Please be sure to update your email and mailing address on UAccess.
How and when will I receive my permit?
Employees on Payroll Deduction:
You will be offered the opportunity to update your address during the Permit Renewal process. An email will be sent when your permit is mailed. Look for the email mid-July.
**IMPORTANT** Please purchase your permit online allowing sufficient time to receive it at your residence prior to leaving for school. If you live outside of the Tucson metropolitan area, please do not wait until the last minute to purchase your permit. Plan to purchase your permit at least two weeks before leaving home to come to campus. This will allow time for delivery of your permit before you leave home.
All Other Permit Holders:
Permits will be purchased online this year at Please be sure to update your email and mailing address on UAccess. If purchased prior to July 1, your permit will be mailed out mid-July. If purchased after July 1, your permit will be mailed as it is processed.

Confirmation of Permit

I don't use the one displayed on the confirmation page. How can I get my e-mail address changed?
Changes to contact and mailing information must be made through UAccess.

Confirmation Information

What if my vehicle license plate changes?
You may contact Customer Relations at or by phone at (520) 626-7275 for assistance with vehicle updates. You may also update this information in your Parking Portal Account.
What if I don't yet have the vehicle I want to register for the permit?
Vehicle information is required for the purchase of a permit, if you do not have a vehicle at the time of purchase, please contact our office for additional assistance.

Eligibility for Parking Permit

Who is eligible for parking?
Students, employees and individuals whose place of business is on campus are eligible to apply for a parking permit. The University of Arizona also has parking garages that accommodate visitors on an hourly basis as well as pay stations located throughout campus.
Who is eligible for disabled permits?
Individuals with disabled state license plates or placards in their name may apply for disabled parking. Proof that the placard or plate is registered in the applicant's name is required before a permit will be distributed. Disabled permit holders may choose between two levels of service:
  • Level 1 - parking in disabled spaces in surface lots.
  • Level 2 - parking in disabled spaces in surface lots and all garages.

I missed the pre-registration deadline, how can I participate in registration?
Visit our web page for permit information or call Customer Relations at (520) 626-7275 to find out about permit availability.

Multiple Vehicles

What if I'm currently registered for 2+ vehicles? It seems unfair that I can't have a 2nd permit so I don't have to keep moving my permit to another car.
Permits are registered to customers not vehicles. Our program only allows 1 permit per customer. The repositionable permits and RFID permits are easily transferred from one vehicle to another.
I work in multiple buildings on campus or my duties require that I have to travel to several different locations on campus in the course of a normal business day. It seems unfair that I am restricted to only one permit.
Individuals whose job duties require travel to different locations on campus are urged to use the free campus shuttle (Cat Tran). Shuttle stops and schedule of times can be found on our web page. In some cases, a University department may purchase a service permit for use in Service Vehicle spaces around campus.

Permits & Lots

What are the parking permit rates this year?
Parking Permit Price List--prices subject to change.
Will there be any changes to parking zones or area designations?
Parking program changes can be found on our web page.

When are permits required?
Parking permits are required Monday - Friday year-round including semester breaks and summer with the exception of 2nd Street Garage which requires a parking permit Monday Sunday.
What is an Evening Permit?
Evening permits allow parking in undedicated spaces in surface lots after 2:30 p.m. Garage evening permits are issued for a specific garage and are valid after 3:30 p.m.
I purchased a summer permit in May. Why can't I renew it?
Since many students leave campus during the summer, there is less demand for parking and we are easily able to accommodate our customers. Renewal for annual permits takes place in late Spring. By summer there are already wait lists for most permit categories. Call Customer Relations at (520) 626-7275 to check on summer permit availability.
How do I purchase a summer permit?
Summer permits go on sale the Monday after main campus Commencement. They are only available in our office lobby and NOT online. Call Customer Relations at (520) 626-7275 for details. Prices are prorated daily.

Employee Payment Options

As an employee, what if I don't agree to take the payroll deduction?
You may pay for your permit by check, cash or credit card, but you forfeit Automatic Renewal. You will need to follow procedures outline in the Permit Assignment & Distribution section of this FAQ.
How will the payroll deduction work? How many payroll deductions are taken from my salary?
Payroll deductions begin with the first pay period in September. Deductions occur over 18 pay periods for all employees purchasing a permit located on the Main Campus or Phoenix Biomedical Campus. Deductions occur over 4 pay periods for all employees purchasing Off-Campus permits, Semester/Annual bus passes, Shuttle Boarding Passes or Bike Enclosures. Citations placed on payroll deductions occur over 4 pay periods for all employees.
I enrolled in payroll deductions. Why are my deductions changing to post-tax deduction?
As of December 31, 2017, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (Public Law PL 115-97) no longer allows employers to offer qualified transportation fringe benefits (e.g., parking, transit, and vanpooling) as pre-tax deductions.
When will the change to post-tax dedctions go in effect?
Effective January 1, 2019, payroll deductions for employee parking permits and transit passes will be processed as post-tax deductions rather than pre-tax deductions. Post-tax deductions occur after all other federal and state taxes are deducted from the gross pay.
I am currently enrolled in payroll deductions. Can I pay remaining balance in full?
Yes, employees can pay for permits and transit passes outside of payroll deduction. Payments can be made in our office by credit or debit card, check, or cash; and by phone via credit  or debit card, contact us at (520) 626-7275.

Note: Electing to withdraw from payroll deductions will forfeit Automatic Renewal
I have questions regarding my paystub.
Please contact Financial Service Office at (520) 621-9097.
I have tax-related questions regarding this change.
If you have tax-related questions regarding this change, please contact your tax advisor.

Student Payment Options

How do I pay for my permit?
No payment is due during registration. Assigned permit holders will receive a billing statement called an “eBill” via email starting late Spring for current permit holders and July for new permit holders. Online payment options are credit card or transferring to Bursar's account.
Can I pay with my Bursar Account?
You can transfer your permit cost to your Bursar Student Account. If purchasing online there is no additional cost. If purchasing in the PTS office, a $20 non-refundable fee is due at time of enrollment.
When is payment due?
Payment is due by date indicated in eBill delivered via email.

How do I cancel my permit request after the registration period is over? Is there a penalty for late cancellations?
There is no penalty for late cancellations. If you would like to cancel your permit, please contact Customer Relations at

Registration Process

How do I submit a permit change after I've completed my pre-registration?
If you are a current permit holder, you may go online and add yourself to a waitlist. Please note, that when you make a change of your choices, the date and time for your entry will be the actual date you make the request. Our permits are assigned on a first come, first served basis.
How do I correct wrong information? What is the procedure?
Contact Customer Relations at (520) 626-7275 or via email at

How do I correct wrong information? What is the procedure?
Contact Customer Relations at

Wait List

What is the waitlist?
During parking registration, permit categories may "sell out." Individuals who want that specific permit category may place themselves on a waitlist, if available via their Parking Account Portal. The entry is based on the date and time of the request. Once a permit has "sold out," the only way to obtain one is to be on the waitlist for that location.
How does the waitlist work?
The parking permit waitlist maintains your choice. The waitlist begins each year during registration for the following permit year as parking permit categories sell out. You will remain on the waitlist until you are assigned your choice or until February when waitlists are purged.
Why are some permit types not listed on the wait list form?
Certain permits are for locations that have very limited space. These permit types sell out during registration of current permit holders. The waitlists are fairly long and few permits are released from these lists. If it is not listed, the parking location is at capacity and no longer accepting requests.
Does my wait list position from the previous year affect my registration for the upcoming parking permits?
No. The current wait list ends on the last day of February and a new list will be created from current pre-registrations.

Lost or Stolen Permit

What happens if my permit is lost or stolen?
Lost or stolen permits may be replaced in our office for a fee. If your permit was stolen and you have a police report filed, you may bring a copy of that report and we will issue a replacement free of charge (only 1 permit per academic year will be replaced free of charge). Any additional replacements will be replaced for a fee. Once a permit is reported as lost or stolen, it is placed in a database and a search is initiated. If the permit is found on campus, the vehicle displaying the permit will be impounded. The fee covers expenses associated with administering this process.

If I report my permit lost what do I do if it is found?
If you have reported a permit lost or stolen and you locate it, please contact Customer Relations at (520) 626-7275 for instructions on returning the permit. Under NO circumstance should you use the permit. Once a permit is reported as lost or stolen, it is placed in a database and a search is initiated. If the permit is found on campus, the vehicle displaying the permit will be impounded. A minimum fee of $400.00 will be charged along with other legal and administrative sanctions.

Returns, Cancellations, & Exchanges

I am leaving the University and do not need my permit anymore. Can I get a refund?
The last day for permit prorated refunds is the 1st Friday in April. Permits returned prior to the deadline may be returned to our offices for a prorated amount.
I will only need my permit for half the year. Can I get a refund?
The last day for permit prorated refunds is the 1st Friday in April. Permits are prorated. Permits returned prior to the refund deadline may be returned. Bring your permit to our offices for a prorated amount.
How do I cancel/return my permit?
The physical permit must be returned to PTS to be canceled. Repositionable permits can be returned to our office or via US Mail. Garage permits and RFID units can be returned to our office, mailed to us, or dropped off at garage cashier booths. We recommend obtaining a return receipt for your personal records and keeping it for six months. The last day for permit refunds is the 1st Friday in April. Refunds are prorated from the date PTS receives the permit. Please note, you will lose your status as a current permit holder and will lose renewal priority for the following permit year.
I have a garage permit, how do I return my RFID unit?
RFID units can be returned to PTS office, dropped off at garage cashier booths, or mailed to us. We recommend obtaining a return receipt for your personal records and keeping it for six months.

Permit holders not renewing for following permit year and graduating students need to return RFID units by end of August. For units mailed, it is suggested to obtain tracking information. RFID units should be placed in a cardboard or bubble-pack mailer to prevent them from tearing the envelope and getting lost when processing through the mail system.

Permits may be mailed to:
Attn: Customer Relations
Parking & Transportation Services
The University of Arizona
1117 E. 6th St
Tucson, AZ 85721
How does the refund process work?
If returned prior to refund deadline, the permit return will be processed in our office as of the day it was received, not the day it was mailed. Usage will be calculated and a refund issued, if applicable. Please contact Customer Relations at for further assistance.

The refund will be issued in one of the following ways:
  1. Students: If you have taken a class within the last six months, your account at the Bursar's Office is typically credited within 10 days. First, check your account on UAccess to make sure your account has been credited. You may call Bursars at (520) 621-3232 to have the check mailed to you, or you may pick it up in person at the Bursars Office (bring ID). Note: if you have outstanding charges at the Bursar's Office, the credit may be used to pay any debts on your account.
  2. Employees: If you are an employee whose permit was on payroll deductions, the refund will be reimbursed on your payroll check. If you have terminated employment and the refund misses your last paycheck, a separate check will be mailed to you. Please allow 4-6 weeks for processing.
  3. Others: If you are no longer a student, or are a contractor or vendor, your refund will be made by check. Please allow 4-6 weeks for processing.
How does payroll deduction work? When do payroll deductions stop?
To qualify for payroll deductions you must be a benefits-eligible employee. Payroll deduction allows eligible employees to pay for parking permits with deductions from your paycheck. Deductions begin with the first pay period in September. Payroll deductions of parking permits will be taken over 18 pay periods for both academic and annual employees. Annual and semester bus passes will have 4 payroll deductions.
I am on payroll deduction and am going on leave without pay or leaving the University, what do I do with my permit?
The permit must be returned to our office. PTS is not automatically informed of changes to your payroll status, and permit charges are liable to accumulate after your temporary or permanent separation from the University. By accepting the terms of permit purchase by payroll deduction, you accept responsibility for charges that accumulate on your account until your permit is returned or expired. If you are on leave without pay contact us at (520) 626-7275 as we treat each situation on a case by case basis.


Bicycle Programs

Where do I find information about bicycles and bike programs on campus?
Visit our bicycle webpage for up to date bicycle information.

How do I register my bike?
Bike registrations can be done at the bike station or by going online to

What services are provided at the Bike Maintenance Station?
Bike Registrations, brake adjustment, cable adjustment, flat tire assistance, and more! The Bike Station is open Monday-Thursday 10AM-2PM and is located near the Nugent Building.

Cat Wheels

Where can Cat Wheels stations be found?
Cat Wheels stations can be found in all campus parking garages with the exception of South Stadium Garage. They can also be found at the Outdoor Rec area of the Campus Recreation Center, and at both bike valet locations.
How long can I check out a Cat Wheels Bike for?
Cat Wheels bikes can be checked out until 4pm the next school day. All bikes must be returned to the location from which the Bike was checked out. A daily late fee of $10.00 will apply for bikes not returned the next school day.
When are Cat Wheel bikes able to be checked out or checked in?
Cat Wheels bikes can be check out Monday Friday at any time the garage cashier, Outdoor Rec staff, or bike valet staff are working. A bike that is checked out must be returned to the location from which it was checked out.
How are Cat Wheels Bikes checked out?
Cat Wheels bikes can be checkout by filling out a one-time agreement form. A current/valid Cat Card is all that is needed to check out and check in a bike thereafter.

Bike Valet

What is the Bike Valet program?
This is a program for all University affiliated staff and students with registered bikes. Open Monday-Friday from 7:45am-6:00pm, these stations are located near the Nugent Building and the Warren bike path and Helen Street East of Bio5. The Nugent bike valet is closed during the summer, but the Warren bike valet remains open year-round. No lock is needed at the bike valet stations. After checking in your bike, an attendant will give you a brass tag that you will need to return to claim your bike. More information can be found at
What if I can't pick up my bike from the Bike Valet before 6:00 pm?
Bikes not picked up from will be secured to a rack within the valet parking area with a PTS U-Lock. The Bikes can be unlocked by calling 520-621-1108 after 6:00pm to secure released bicycle staff may not be immediately available to come unlock your bike. Parking and Transportation is not responsible for left or damage to bicycles left at the Bike Valet after hours.

Bike Lockers

How do I purchase a space in a bike locker or other bike enclosure around campus?
Contact Customer Relations at 520-626-7275 to inquire about availability. You will need to visit our office or email us a copy of the Bike Enclosure/Locker application ( to reserve your locker or enclosure space.

Bicycle Information

Where can I find a map of bike routes across campus?
A map of Bike Routes on campus can be viewed at

Where can I shower if I bike to work?
UA faculty and staff who bike to work are eligible to use locker and shower facilities (free of charge) at the Campus Recreation Center. More information can be found at .


Cat Tran Shuttles

Is the Cat Tran shuttle service free on campus?
Yes. There are no fare boxes on any of the shuttles. Shuttle service is provided free of charge to students, employees and visitors to the UA campus provided they catch the shuttle on our core (interior) streets of campus. There are certain express routes that service outlying permit parking lots; these routes do require a pass to board. Depending on where you live within the corridor of service from these pay parking lots; an academic boarding pass may be obtained for $50 if you are current student or employee at the UA.Boarding passes required when boarding at the following locations: 9008 Lot, 9006, and any Orange route on Mountain Ave north of Helen St.
How do I know where the shuttle goes and when the shuttle will come to a particular stop?
Shuttle service schedules are published online at Each route is timed and each is defined by color or name. Selected major stops are shown with printed departure times. With a service schedule, you can easily determine when the shuttle will depart from any stop on any route. Cat Tran can be tracked via UA Mobile App and TransLoc Rider App.
Where do I get a Cat Tran shuttle schedule?
Online at: Every shuttle carries schedule guides located in the information rack. You can also pick one up at the Parking and Transportation Services building, Student Union Memorial Center information desk and/or their "Campus Links" Center, and Main Library.
Does the shuttle run during the summer months?
Yes. However, red and orange routes do not run. Summer Hours are: M-F, 6:30am-6:30pm (University Holidays excluded). Night Gato does not run in the summer.
Does the shuttle go to the airport?
No. There are some private local service providers that services both the Tucson and Phoenix airport on an hourly schedule.

Sun Tran

What is a U-Pass?
The U-Pass is a discounted bus pass for the City of Tucson's Sun Tran bus service and Sun Link streetcar. The transit pass can be purchased as either a physical card or a digital pass avaiable on the GoTucson Transit app. It is available to any registered student at the UA taking more than 3 credits or to any UA employee working at least half time. Prices for the passes are discounted up to 50% and are available through PTS online or in office.
How can I get a U-Pass?
You can get a U-Pass online or in our office. Purchasing online and selecting a mobile pass allows you to use it right away. Purchasing a physical card in our office may take up to 2 business days to activate.
How do I get a Sun Tran bus schedule?
Sun Tran bus schedules are available online at and in our office: 1117 E 6th St, Bldg 181.

I'm new in town; can someone help me with planning my route to the University or around town?
Use the RideAmigos platform to plan your trip! Go to to begin. On the landing page, type in the addresses or cross streets of your starting point and final destination. Then click "View My Commute Options" to see which bus route is best for you, along with a variety of other alternative transportation options.

Or call Sun Tran at (520) 792-9222. Please have the following information ready when you call:
  • Where are you going? (nearest intersection)
  • What time would you like to be there?
  • Where will you be catching the bus (nearest intersection)?


Who can I contact to address questions or concerns about the carpool program?
For more information on the UA carpool program, please visit our website or call (520) 626-7275 and a customer service representative will assist you.
How do I find a carpool?
Try RideAmigos! Visit to begin. On the landing page, type in the addresses or cross streets of your starting point and final destination. Then click "View My Commute Options" to see if there are any other University of Arizona students or staff who have a similar commute--you will also see a variety of other alternative transportation options.

Electric Car Charging Stations

Where are the electric car charging stations located?
The stations are located in the 2nd Street, 6th Street and Tyndall Avenue garages. View the parking map for the garage locations. If any issues arise with the charging stations, contact Jessica Hersh-Ballering at (520) 626-2458.
What brand of charging stations do you have?
We use Blink charging stations. Learn more about the Blink Network here:
How much does it cost to charge my vehicle?
If you are a Blink member, it costs $0.02 for every 30 seconds of charging. For non-members, it costs $0.03 for every 30 seconds.
How fast will my vehicle charge?
The Blink charging units are Level 2 chargers. Your vehicle can go from empty to a full charge in 4 to 8 hours.

Can I leave my vehicle parked in the space after I am done charging?
You can, but you will be charged an occupancy fee of $0.02 for every 30 seconds you remain in the parking space.

Can I park a non-electric vehicle in front of a charging unit if that's the only space left in the garage?
No. These spaces are only for charging electric vehicles - they are not priority parking for electric vehicles. Violators will be subject to citation for parking a non-electric vehicle or unplugged electric vehicle in this space.


What is Zipcar?
Zipcar is an hourly car rental service, also referred to as carshare.

Most rental car companies require the renter to be 25 years old. How old do I need to be to use Zipcar?
You only need to be 18 years old and have a valid driver's license.

How do I use Zipcar?
Visit You will need to register for an annual membership and wait to receive your member card in the mail.

To rent a vehicle, simply choose the vehicle you want to use, select the date and time for which you want to reserve it on the Zipcar website. Go to the vehicle at the designated time and use your member card to unlock the vehicle. Then you are on your way! When you are done with the vehicle, return it to the same location from where you picked it up.
How many Zipcars are located on campus?
During the academic school year, you can find six (6) Zipcars throughout campus. Please note, during the summer session, there are five (5) cars on campus. For more information and map of car locations visit:


What is RideAmigos?
Ride Amigos is an online commuter rewards program for University of Arizona staff and students. Use the online platform to:
  • Plan your trip it can tell you which bus routes would work for your commute, how long it would take to bike or walk, and even help you find a UA community member with whom to carpool, if that's what you're looking for!
  • Log your commute trips online or using an app on your phone. Every trip logged (no matter the method of transportation or how far you travel) earns you points.
  • Redeem points for prizes! Prizes may be subject to tax liability.


Motorist Assistance Program

What if I lock my keys in car? What if my car won't start, or has a flat tire?
The motorist assistance program is FREE and is available to all UA affiliates. If you are having car troubles, call 621-AUTO (2886) for assistance. Visit our website for more information.
What if I need an emergency ride home?
If you do not have a parking permit and find that you need a ride home in an emergency situation call the Emergency Ride Home line at 621-1108. This is a resource if you take alternative transportation to work or school but an emergency arises wherein you need to get home. We will arrange for taxi service (Yellow Cab) to pick you up and transport you where you need to go. No charge! Parking and Transportation Services will pay the taxi fare, including tip. If you use a wheelchair or must transport a child, please notify us so we can notify the taxi service of your special needs. Visit our website for more information.

Disability Cart Service

Where do I find information about the Disability Cart Service?
Visit our website for information on the cart service.



Dispatch Office Hours
Academic: 6:30 a.m. - Midnight Monday through Friday.
Summer, Winter & Spring Break: M-F, 6:30 a.m. - 8 p.m.
Do you cite on the weekends?
Yes we enforce the parking rules and regulations on the weekend with no set enforcement schedule.

Display of permits
Permits must be displayed in all University parking lots during hours posted at the lot entrance. Failure or improper display a permit will result in a citation.
Why are you enforcing when school is not in session?
We enforce all days except official University holidays unless a special event is taking place requiring us to provide our services.
I park in a surface lot and would like to use a car cover. Is this permitted?
We enforce all days except official University holidays.


How will I be notified of a citation?
When our Parking Service officers observe a violation, they place a parking citation on the vehicle's windshield. This constitutes a lawful delivery of the citation. Once the citation is placed, it becomes the responsibility of the driver or owner of the vehicle. This is the same standard that applies to law enforcement agencies when they issue parking citations. Citation notifications may also be sent via email or by US mail. You can check the status of your account by logging into your Parking Account Portal.
How can I pay for my citation?
When you receive a citation, you have three different payment options. Keep in mind that you have fourteen calendar days from the date the citation was issued to pay for the citation before late fees and other penalties apply.
  1. Submit payment for the citation online using your Parking Account Portal. Payment can be made online using a Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover. Students may transfer citation fees to their Bursar account and benefits eligible employees may use payroll deduction by opting for “External Payment Option."
  2. Visit the Parking and Transportation Office. The PTS office is located at 1117 E 6th St Tucson, AZ 85721-0181. Office hours are Monday thru Friday 8:00 AM -- 4:00 PM. except on Thursdays we open at 9:00 AM.
  3. Pay over the phone. Please call Customer Relations at (520) 626-7275. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover. Be sure to have your citation number ready.
When will a late fee be attached to the citation?
A $20.00 late fee will be added on the fourteenth calendar day from the date the citation was issued. Citations that are under appeal are placed on hold and if upheld, late fees do not accrue until fourteen calendar days after adjudication.
I received a citation, what options are available other than payment?
There are two available options, other than paying the fine, to handle your citation.
  1. Appeal the citation online. You can only appeal a citation within 14 calendar days of the date the citation was issued. To submit an appeal, you must log in to your Parking Account Portal, select the correct citation, and choose the option “Appeal this Citation.”
  2. Request to participate in the Diversion Program. Only one request, per permit year, will be granted, and must be made within fourteen calendar days from the date the citation was issued. To enroll in the Diversion Program, submit a request through the Parking Account Portal under “Appeal.” In the “Appeal Reason” place the words “Diversion Request.”


I filed an appeal through the web, and just want to be sure that you received it.
When you file a web appeal through your Parking Account Portal, the system gives you an appeal number to confirm it was received. If you did not get a confirmation number, your appeal was not received. Please call the Appeals Division at (520) 621 8692 or email them at if you have any questions.
How do I check the status of my appeal?
The appeal details and status can be viewed at any time from the Parking Account Portal by clicking “View Your Appeals” in the Citation section. You can also call the Appeals Division at (520) 621 8692 or send an email to
I filed an appeal, when will I get a response?
The normal appeals process takes approximately 1-2 weeks for completion.

After submitting an appeal, how will I know if my citation was dismissed or upheld?
After the appeals officer has reviewed the information and has made a decision, an adjudication notice will be emailed to your official university email address. If you are a visitor, the adjudication notice will be send to the email address or permanent address you provided in your appeal. You can also view the adjudication notice online in your Parking Account Portal.
I have not heard about my appeal decision yet, and the 14th day when late fees attach is approaching? What should I do?
As soon as your appeal is received, the citation is placed on a hold status to prevent late fees from accruing. Please do not pay the citation until after the appeal has been reviewed and a decision is made. Paying the citation waives the right to appeal.
What is a Second Level Appeal?
If your first level adjudication was denied and you have information not yet disclosed and wish to present it at a second-level hearing, contact our office at (520) 626-7275 no later than the due date listed on your first level adjudication email. An appeals retainer in the amount of the citation is required when scheduling. Failure to request a second-level review by the listed due date waives the right to any further review of the citation. If the second level appeal is denied, the retainer will be applied to payment of the citation. If your first level adjudication is overturned, you will be issued a full refund of the retainer amount.
What is a Third Level Appeal?
An unfavorable decision from the Hearing Officer in your second level hearing may be appealed to the Parking Hearing Board. The Board meets once in the spring and once in the fall and is comprised of University employees and student representatives that do not work for Parking and Transportation Services. The Board is an independent and impartial body charged with providing a fair hearing. The hearing request must be made no later than the due date listed on your second level adjudication email. Failure to request a third-level review by the listed due date waives the right to any further review of the citation.


What is the Diversion Program?
This program allows you to either reduce or eliminate the fee associated with a parking citation. We have designed the program to be completed as an online multiple choice test, which is self-paced. On average, it will take approximately 2 3 hours to complete. You must answer at least 64 out of 72 questions correctly in order to pass the course. The test will include one optional extra credit question that can replace one incorrect answer. Only one request per permit year will be granted.


Business Office / Payroll Questions

Who can purchase a permit or bus pass on payroll?
Any active employee collecting a pay check.

Why would I want to put my permit or bus pass on payroll deduction?
For your convenience, permit and bus pass costs can be deducted from your paycheck. Permit purchases will be automatically deducted from September through May pay periods. Permits are divided over 18 periods and Annual and semester U-Passes are deducted over 4 pay periods. In the months with a third pay period a deduction will not be processed. As an additional benefit, customers electing to participate in Payroll Deductions will have first priority to renew their permits.

Can I put a citation on payroll?
Any active employee collecting a pay check can put a citation on payroll, but it is a post-tax deduction.

When I put a permit, bus pass, or citation on payroll, when will the deductions start?
Depending on what day of the week you purchase your permit, it may take up to four weeks for the deduction to come out of your pay.
Why doesn't my permit or bus pass year-to-date deduction match the current amount deducted from my paycheck?
The figure on your paycheck is for a calendar year (January - December). Permits and bus passes are issued in August and the deductions are collected over two calendar years.
Can I return my permit without coming into your office?
If you are returning your RFID in May or during the summer, you may bring it to our office or drop it off at any garage cashier booth. Obtain a return receipt and keep it in your personal records for six months. Permits returned prior to May should be returned at our office in case a refund is due or a balance is owed.

It is suggested that permits returned to us by US Mail be sent via Certified Mail. RFID's should be placed in a cardboard or bubble-pack mailer to prevent damage during mailing. If you are expecting a refund, please include a note to that effect. We do not process refunds after the 1st Friday in April.

The permit return will be processed in our office as of the day it was received, not the day it was mailed. Usage will be calculated and a refund issued, if applicable. Please contact Customer Relations at (520) 626-7275 to find out if you are eligible for a refund.

Permits may be mailed to:
Attn: Customer Relations
Parking & Transportation Services
The University of Arizona
1117 E 6th St
Tucson, AZ 85721

Travel Reduction Program

What does TRP stand for and why do we have one?
TRP means Travel Reduction Program. The program enables the UA to cooperate with a County ordinance that requires any employer with over 100 employees to put in place a program that will help reduce air pollution and implement travel reduction strategies within Pima County area.
Why do we fill out a Travel Reduction survey each year?
The ordinance requires it. The UA compliance level is measured against the results of the data submitted. This is one major way for the UA, the city and the county to understand travel patterns at the UA, and develop alternative solutions to single occupancy-driving habits. This reduces traffic on our streets and promotes cleaner air.
What does the survey ask?
The survey consists of only ten questions, and mainly wants to how the employee commutes to work. Other questions ask for information such as how many miles and minutes it takes to travel from home to work and back, if you work full time, and your work schedule. The survey only takes a few minutes to complete.
Will anyone know who filled out the survey?
It is anonymous, online and managed by PAG.

Non-Pedestrian Devices

Why were electric scooters banned?
UA has safety concerns for riders and pedestrians, since the scooters can reach speeds of up to 15 mph. There are also concerns about the scooters limiting accessibility.

Who/what influenced this decision to ban the scooters?
UA has safety concerns and concerns about the scooters limiting accessibility, since riders can leave scooters wherever they stop. We are not aware of any shared use scooters on UA's campus, but the University is trying to be proactive.

What issue do the scooters pose?
Our goal is to prevent e-scooters from blocking doorways, walkways, and other campus paths. Additionally, we do not want e-scooters to be brought into campus buildings, which would pose safety and accessibility concerns.
What is the benefit/hope that will come from not having the scooters on campus?
We are working toward a long term solution and determining if they can be used safely on campus.
The UA is collaborating with the City of Tucson and others to find a long-term plan for the scooters. The City of Tucson is developing rules for an e-scooter pilot program soon. The University will be evaluating the results of that pilot to determine if we will allow e-scooters on our campus in the future.

What are the repercussions of now having an electric scooter on campus?
If found parked illegally or abandoned, the scooters are subject to fines and impoundment.
For students, faculty or staff that do have an electric scooter, how should they commute around campus?
The Cat Tran is a great, safe, and free way to get around campus. This service is available for UA students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Real-time tracking is available via Transloc Ride and UA Mobile App. For detailed maps and route information, please visit

An additional service is our Cat Wheels program. Cat Wheels is our bike share system where students, faculty, and staff can borrow a bike free of charge. Bikes can be checked out from the cashier booth of any campus garage (except South Stadium Garage), the Outdoor Rec area of the Campus Rec Center, or either Bike Valet station on campus. For more information, please visit

All non-pedestrian device users must abide by Parking & Transportation Services Motorized Rules and Regulations; a copy can be found here