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Waitlists & Exchanges


When all permits for a particular location are sold out, a waitlist is created for that location. Individuals can add themselves to the waitlist. Once a parking space becomes available at that location, an email notification will be sent with instructions for purchase or exchange. If a waitlist reaches its capacity, no more individuals can join it.

Waitlist Schedule

  • April: The waitlist for the current permit year is purged for all users.
  • Beginning of May: The waitlist opens for current permit holders for the next permit year.
  • Last Day of May: The waitlist closes for permit holders.
  • October: The waitlist opens for all users.
  • December: The waitlist closes for all users.

Please note that you will need to pay the difference in pricing if the cost of the new permit is higher than your current permit. If the new permit is lower in cost, you will receive a refund.

For gated garages, if your new assignment is for another gated garage, you can keep your RFID unit, and our Customer Relations Staff will activate it for the new garage facility. However, if your new assignment is for a non-gated facility, you will need to return your RFID unit.

Waitlist Closed Exchanges

During the period when the waitlist is closed, if you want to exchange your current permit for an available location on the parking portal, follow these steps:

  1. Check the Parking and Transportation parking portal to see if the location is available for purchase.
  2. If it is, email with "Exchange to (desired location)" in the subject line.
  3. Once we receive the Exchange email, a member of our customer relations team will contact you. Your current permit must be canceled, and we need your permission to do so in order for you to go back onto the parking portal to purchase the new location permit.
  4. Permits are available on a first-come, first-served basis, and please note that an exchange is not guaranteed.

Renewal Period - Request for Permit Exchange 2024-25 (Current Permit Holders Only

For current permit holders:

  • Permit exchanges during the renewal period in May are not guaranteed, especially for high-demand parking areas.
  • To request a permit exchange:
    1. Renew and purchase your current permit for 2024-25. If you have an employee auto-renew permit (via Payroll Deduction), skip Step 1 and go to Step 2
    2. Add yourself to the waitlist for your desired location during the renewal period, which closes on May 31

If a space becomes available in your requested location, you'll receive an email notification with purchase and exchange instructions.

The waitlist notification provides a deadline date to exchange and purchase the permit. If the exchange is not completed by the deadline date, you'll forfeit the opportunity to obtain the permit. The permit will be placed in the queue for Open Sales beginning in July.