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UA Carpool Parking Program

UA Carpool Parking Program

If you belong to a carpool of three or more faculty, staff, or students (who live off campus), you are eligible for a carpool parking permit at Viewing this link requires Adobe Acrobat Viewer. a number of campus parking lots and some garages. Carpooling can save you 66% from a reserved permit.

To purchase a carpool parking permit:
  • Confirm that you meet all of the carpool permit requirements and restrictions (see below).
  • Call Parking & Transportation Customer Relations (520-626-7275) to find which lots/garages are available.
  • Complete the Viewing this link requires Adobe Acrobat Viewer. Carpool Application, designating one carpool member as the Point of Contact (POC).
  • Bring your carpool application to our office at 1117 E Sixth Street to receive your Carpool Parking Permit. All members of the carpool must be present when picking up the permit(s).

Carpool Permit Requirements and Restrictions

  • All members of the carpool must have a current affiliation with the University of Arizona and live outside the Carpool boundaries (Broadway Blvd. to the South, Grant Rd. to the North, Tucson Blvd. to the East and Stone Ave. to the West). Proof of residency at that address will be required.
  • Permit cost, proration schedule, and payroll deduction are identical to regular parking permits.
  • Any University parking citations from carpool members are the responsibility of the owner of the vehicle that the citation was issued to.
  • A designated lot or garage will contain the group's carpool space. There will be no assigned space, rather a zone within the lot or garage designated for carpool permits.
  • Existing carpools are given priority renewal at the beginning of each parking permit sales year.
  • If the carpool dissolves, members would have their previous permits reinstated at the prorated cost.
  • Carpool permits are not valid during athletic events in the Cherry Garage, and specific Zone 1 lots throughout campus.
  • Hours of control for carpool spaces are 7:00am-5:00pm, Monday-Friday.
  • Carpool participants may not possess a separate permit, bus pass or Cat Tran boarding pass.
  • Participants must contact Parking and Transportation Services within ten business days if their University affiliation status changes. Failure to do so may result in notification of suspension of Carpool parking privileges, surrender of the Carpool permit and denial of future Carpool permits/privileges.