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Disability Cart Service with TapRide

We are excited to introduce TapRide, our newest amenity to our Disability Cart Service program. TapRide is a mobile application that can be used to schedule rides and get trip updates in real-time. Riders will now have the ability to easily update ride requests and receive notifications when their driver has arrived.

Our friendly team members are here to help should you need assistance scheduling a ride request, please contact us at PTS-CartService@email.arizona.edu.

Schedule Rides with TapRide

Download TapRide:
  1. Download the TapRide. It is free to download from the Apple and Google Play store by searching for "Tapride."
  2. Set-up your account by selecting "University of Arizona Parking & Transportation Services" from the app's welcome screen.
  3. Create your TapRide account using your full email address (wilbur@email.arizona.edu) as the username.
  4. Contact Dispatch at 520-626-2278 to authorize your account.
  5. Enable notifications for TapRide to alert you when your ride arrives.
Schedule a Ride:
  1. Select the time and date. 
  2. Select your "Pick-up" location
  3. Select your "Drop-off" location.
  4. Enter the ride details and click "Submit Ride." 
  5. To cancel a request, select "Cancel My Ride."

Helpful Tips:

  • Every attempt will be made to meet the riders request please allow for sufficient travel time. If your class begins at 10 AM, schedule your pickup time for 9:45 AM.
  • Please be on time. Drivers will wait 2 minutes for riders then proceed to the next scheduled pickup. If the rider is late and misses their scheduled pickup, they must request an Addon Pickup using the online Disability Cart Service Tool.
  • Riders must adhere to the DCS Regulations and Rules, available online at parking.arizona.edu/dcs.
  • Riders are responsible for requesting approval forms from Campus Health or Disability Resource Center and submitting to PTS.