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Bicycle Registration 

In partnership with 529 Garage, bicycle registration with Parking & Transportation Services is easy and free with your CatCard!

All bicycles on campus must be registered in the University’s new National Bicycle Registration System. Your bicycle is not protected until you attach the Registration Tag (529 Shield) to your bike. Registration is mandatory and supports the Bicycle Friendly University program.

Bicycle registration is mandatory for all bicycles utilizing the Bike Valet at the Nugent and Warren locations. All owners must obtain a Registration Tag (529 Shield) for their registered bicycle from one of the two valet locations. If there is a change in ownership, the new owner must register the bicycle again.


  1. Download the 529 Garage app on your phone OR visit the 529 Garage website.
  2. Enter your email address and contact information to get started. It is recommended that you use your personal email address and phone number so your registration remains active even if you leave the University.
  3. Register your bicycle by entering the serial number, manufacturer, model, frame color, and other identifying details on the registration form.

    • Your bicycle’s serial number is located on the underside of the bottom bracket. Still need help? Visit Project 529’s website for information on how to locate your bicycle’s serial number.
    • Verify that the serial number is accurate before continuing the registration process.
  4. Upload pictures of your bike for easy identification if it gets stolen, or skip this step and upload your photos later.
  5. You will be asked for the Registration Tag (529 Shield) for your bike. Leave this section blank and select “skip.” You will fill in this field after you collect the
  6. Congratulations! You have successfully registered your bike! Make sure to confirm your email to finalize your Project 529 account.


Once the registration process has been completed, bring your bike and CatCard to collect your free Registration Tag (529 Shield) at any campus Bike Valet location. The valet will install the Registration Tag on the frame of your bicycle.

Registration Tags (529 Shields) are tamper-resistant registration stickers with unique IDs. It must be attached to your bicycle’s down tube or seat tube in an easy, visible location.

Once you have your Registration Tag (529 Shield), log in to your Project 529 account to complete your registration by entering the unique 529 Shield ID.

Please Note: Free bicycle registration on the Project 529 site does not include the Registration Tag (529 Shield) needed to link your bicycle with the University of Arizona registration system. You must visit a campus Bike Valet location to receive your Registration Tag.

If you already have a 529 shield, please log on to your 529 account and link your account to the University of Arizona from the “Register” drop-down menu.

If you have any questions regarding Project 529 registration, please contact .


In case of bicycle theft, you must report your stolen bicycle to the University of Arizona Police Department by filing an online report or by calling the non-emergency line (520) 621-8273. Be sure to provide information such as the time and location of the incident, Registration Tag (529 Shield) ID, bicycle serial number, make, model, and color in your report.

It is recommended that you also report your stolen bicycle to Tucson Police Department by filing an online report or calling the TPD non-emergency phone number: (520) 791-4444.

After reporting your stolen bicycle, log into your Project 529 account and mark your bicycle as stolen on your 529 Garage bicycle profile.