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Garage Services

Department Contact:
1597 E. 16th St.
Tucson, AZ 85719
PO Box 210498
Phone: (520) 621-3028 or (520) 621-3530
Hours: Monday - Friday: 6:00 AM to 2:30 PM

Safety Inspections

The State of Arizona and Arizona Board of Regents requires all U of A owned vehicles to receive an annual vehicle safety inspection. This inspection is to be performed by the U of A Garage or a qualified inspection facility that employs ASE certified mechanics. This inspection is to include all vehicles, trailers, golf carts, leased and USDA vehicles.

When an outside vendor performs the inspection, the vendor is required to complete a U of A Garage vehicle inspection form, you may request a copy by calling 621-3530. After completion of the inspection and associated repairs are performed, all documentation must be emailed to

Vehicle Emissions
Emissions on gasoline vehicles can be performed by the Garage facility for a nominal fee. It is the responsibility of each individual department to insure that all vehicles are inspected on their annual inspection date. (Check the Emissions Certification sticker on the vehicle for the expiration date). If the vehicle is due for its first emissions testing, have it performed on the anniversary date of the vehicle’s purchase. The Garage can verify the annual inspection date for all vehicles that have had their emissions testing performed here, please call 621-3530 if you need assistance or have any questions regarding vehicle emissions testing.

If your department decides to get your vehicle inspected at another certified inspection facility other than the U of A Garage it is the department’s responsibility to notify the UA Garage of the passing inspection and to provide all of the documentation to the UA Garage within 48 hours of the completed test.

All of the documentation can be emailed to Please include the U of A vehicle number.

The Garage is not equipped to test diesel vehicles at this time. It is the department’s responsibility to get all diesel vehicles tested and to provide the appropriate documentation to the UA Garage. Emissions testing fees are the same for all vehicles: $12.25. The Garage has prepaid vouchers for emissions testing. They can be obtained by calling the Garage at 621-3028 or 621-3530. The voucher will be billed to the vehicle on a Garage work order.

ADEQ Emissions Testing Stations:

  • 1301 S. Stocker Drive, Tucson
  • 3931 N. Business Center Drive, Tucson
  • 6661 S. Renaissance, Tucson

Responsibility of Owning an UA Vehicle

Vehicle License
When the U of A Garage receives a new vehicle it is licensed and titled to the State of Arizona. All U of A owned vehicles, carts and trailers must have a government license plate.
Property Management will bill the annual cost of the State liability insurance directly to each department's designated account. Insurance premiums are usually billed in November or December and the actual cost of the insurance varies from year to year.
It is the responsibility of the department to have general maintenance performed on any State of Arizona vehicle. Repairs performed at other facilities must be reported to the U of A Garage. Invoices and any other repair documentation must be emailed to