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Parking Permit Changes

Area Permanent/Temporary/Reduction in Spaces
Zone 1 Lot 2152 Converting to Service Vehicle lot
Zone 1 Lot 2032 Converting to Lot Specific 2032
Zone 1 Lot 2030 Converting to Lot Specific 2030
Zone 1 Lot 2147 Converting to Lot Specific 2147
Zone 1 Lot 2168 Converting to visitor spaces
Zone 1 Lot 2241 Converting to visitor spaces
New parking locations added.

Lot Specific
Motorcycle Lot 800 (Main Gate)
Motorcycle Lot 1000 (6th St Garage)
Lot Specific Honors Village (3 lots)

Honors Village Garage
Arizona Health Science Garage

New program changes
Cat Tran Boarding Pass Boarding pass holders may park at Zone 1 or South of Sixth during scheduled times Cat Tran is not in service or limited service
National Championship Drive Back in parking only for bike safety