Campus Bicycle Locker & Enclosures

Viewing this link requires Adobe Acrobat Viewer. Bicycle Enclosure & Locker Rental Agreement

For more secure bike parking, you can rent a bicycle locker or a space in an enclosure. A bicycle locker is a secure box that fits your bike; it can only be opened with a key. Bicycle enclosures – all of which are protected from inclement weather in one of our parking garages – are security-fenced, gated areas that contain bike racks; the enclosures can only be accessed with an individual security code.

If you rent a bicycle enclosure space, you will need your own u-lock to lock your bike to your assigned space along the bike rack.

The year-long rental period begins on May 16, 2016 through May 12, 2017; the rental fee is prorated for locker and enclosures rentals purchased in September.

  • Bicycle locker - $100/year; an additional $80 refundable key deposit
  • Bicycle enclosure space - $35/year

Bicycle lockers and enclosures are located in many convenient locations throughout campus. Call Parking & Transportation Services 520-626-7275 or visit our office to rent an available locker or enclosure space.

Bicycle Lockers

Currently, we offer bicycle lockers in the following areas:
  • AHSC (located near the bus stop on Drachman Circle (16 lockers)
  • College of Pharmacy(10 lockers)<
  • Bio Sciences East Bldg (8 lockers)
  • Bio Sciences West Bldg. N.E. side (40 lockers)
  • Drachman Hall (4 lockers)
  • Cherry Garage (12 lockers)<
  • Comstock Bldg. N.E. side (12 lockers)
  • Harshbarger/Engineering (13 lockers)
  • Keating Bldg. N.E. side (10 lockers)
  • Life Sciences South Bldg (12 lockers)
  • Lot 3039 (12 lockers)
  • McClelland Hall (14 lockers)
  • Nugent Bldg. S.E. side (12 lockers)
  • Chavez Bldg. S.E. side (10 lockers)
  • Psychology Bldg. (14 lockers)

Bicycle Lockers

The enclosures are located inside the following parking garages:
  • Main Gate Garage (42 spaces)
  • Tyndall Garage
    • N side (24 spaces)
    • S side (48 spaces)
  • Park Garage (20 spaces)
  • Highland Garage (49 spaces)
  • Cherry Garage (15 spaces)
  • Second Street Garage (15 spaces)