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Campus Bicycle Locker & Enclosures

For more secure bike parking, you can rent a bicycle locker or a space in an enclosure. A bicycle locker is a secure box that fits your bike; it can only be opened with a key. Bicycle enclosures are security-fenced, gated areas that contain bike racks; the enclosures can only be accessed with an individual security code.

  • Bicycle locker - $100/year
  • Bicycle enclosure space - $35/year

Bicycle lockers and enclosures are located in many convenient locations throughout campus.

For bike parking assignments please contact Alex Chavez for assistance.


  1. Bicycles must be registered with Parking and Transportation. Registration is free and can be done online.
  2. Rental periods are from August to August. Rental rates are prorated.
  3. Parking and Transportation is not responsible for theft or damage to bicycles. Bikes are parked at the owner's risk.
  4. Owners should not leave items of significant value on their bicycles.
  5. Bicycles in enclosures should be secured to bike racks using a u-lock.
  6. Lockers and enclosures are designed for standard size non-motorized bicycles. Bikes with trailers or larger size will be accommodated when possible.

Bicycle Lockers

Currently, we offer bicycle lockers in the following areas:
(ACC) Arizona Cancer Center
(HSIB) Health Science Innovation Building
(HVG) Honor's Village Garage
(KEA) Keating Bio-5 (east side)
(MCC) McClelland Hall (southeast side)
(LOT) Lot 3039 (in the middle island)
(PSY) Psychology (south side)
(JRW) Mines and Metallurgy (south side)
(CHV) Chavez Building (east side)
(STE) Psychology Building (north side)
(BSE) Bio Science East (south side)
(LSS) Life Science South (north side)
(ASC) Bio Sciences West (East side)
(CHG) Cherry Garage North
(MME) Mines & Metallurgy (East side)
(ENG) Engineering building (East side)
(DRCH) Drachman Hall building (South of building, North of 2029 LOT)
(ENR2) ENR2 (eastside)10
(AME) AME Building (West Side along Mountain Ave)


The enclosures are located inside the following parking garages:
Location # of spaces
Main Gate Garage42
Tyndall Garage35
Park Garage20
Highland Garage note. This location is located outside of the Highland Garage on the south side of the garage.49
Cherry Garage15
Second Street Garage15
South Stadium Garage10