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Sustainability Programs
Find out about our plan to reduce our carbon footprint by 2050 Here
How well are our programs working? According to our annual Travel Demand Survey, by not driving alone at least one day a week, the University of Arizona community has saved: 6,742,554 driving miles. 192,644 pounds of pollution. 337,127 gallons of gasoline. 2,528,458 dollars. 4,812,000 vehicular trips reduced. By changing our habits, we can help make our community ecologically sound!

PTS has won the Best Workplaces for Commuters award each year since 2003. This national program is "specifically designed to reduce transportation-related greenhouse gases and fuel consumption by countering growth in vehicle travel." Through partnerships with public and private employers, transportation planning experts, and others, Best Workplaces for Commuters is demonstrating that alternatives to drive-alone commuting are both economically and environmentally beneficial, yielding value to workers, employers, and our environment.

PTS is committed to reducing congestion and increasing air quality through its promotion of alternative transportation programs and expanding the use of commuter optionsl. By changing our habits, we can help make our community and planet ecologically sound. For additional information on Alternative Transportation programs at the University of Arizona, please visit our website at:
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