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PTS Department Information

PTS is a unit of Business Affairs at The University of Arizona. PTS is committed to providing parking options and promoting transportation alternatives for faculty, staff, students and visitors at the University of Arizona. The department's mission is to provide an equitable and quality service within the scope of available resources.

Our goal is to develop and improve transportation demand management by:

  • Improving accessibility and mobility throughout a changing and complex University environment
  • Enhancing interaction with the community and with governmental agencies
  • Utilizing ecologically sound principles in meeting transportation demands
  • Implementing and maintaining information and financial systems


Jim Sayre Executive Director

Jim Sayre
Phone: 520-621-3257

Priscilla Salinas Administrative Associate

Priscilla Salinas
Phone: (520)621-3550

Alternative Transportation

Diana Moreno Assistant Director of Transportation Programs

Diana Moreno
Phone: 520-621-3836

Araceli Gonzalez Transit Operations Manager

Araceli Gonzalez
Phone: 520-882-0518

Frank Sanchez Transportation Planning & Commuter Programs Manager

Frank Sanchez
Phone: 520-626-2458

Paul Yartz Motorpool Manager

Paul Yartz
Phone: (520)621-5541

Anona Miller Sustainability and Commuter Programs Coordinator

Anona Miller
Phone: 520-621-7727

Chad Napoleon Motorpool Automotive Mechanic Lead

Chad Napoleon
Phone: (520)621-3028

Business Office

Jeff Herman Financial Business Partner

Jeff Herman

Customer Relations

Letty Villasenor Assistant Director Customer Relations

Letty Villasenor
Phone: 520-626-7275

Kaitlin Turley Customer Relations/Permit Program Manager

Kaitlin Turley
Phone: (520)621-3550

Richard Salazar Appeals Officer, Sr

Richard Salazar
Phone: (520) 621-0162


Nicole Feldt Director of Operations

Nicole Feldt
Phone: 520-621-3758

Lorraine Padilla Dispatch and Disability Cart Service Coordinator

Lorraine Padilla
Phone: 520-621-7758

Albert Espinosa Enforcement Manager

Albert Espinosa
Phone: (520)373-2406

Danitza Lopez Garage Operations Manager

Danitza Lopez
Phone: (520)621-3199

Anthony Flores Project and Field Manager

Anthony Flores
Phone: (520)621-9043

Jenny Bomesberger Special Events & Visitor Programs Manager

Jenny Bomesberger
Phone: 520-621-3300

IT & Marketing

Joe Harting Director, IT

Joe Harting
Phone: (520)626-9022

Marites John Associate Director Marketing, Contracts & Business Development

Marites John
Phone: (520)621-0222