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From the Director 

Interim Executive Director Parking & Transportation: Gail Nazarenko

Phone: 520-621-3550

My Vision for Parking & Transportation Services:

  • Alternative Transportation will be convenient, creatively crafted, inexpensive for the user, and utilize ecologically sound principles.
  • Program changes will be transparent and publicly vetted.
  • Communications will be complete, timely, and relevant.
  • Customer service will be courteous, helpful, and friendly.  Make every customer feel important to us (because they are!).
  • Financial information will be accurate and up to date.
  • Information systems will be proactively changing to increase productivity, reliability and ease of access for customers and employees.
  • Parking will be convenient, clean, well-maintained, clearly denoted and accessible.
  • Campus and community partnerships will be enhanced through outreach and actively listening to feedback.
  • Rules and regulations will be complete, evolving to changing circumstances, and available.
  • Special events will be managed to provide convenient and quick access and egress for all patrons.
  • A fiscally responsible budget will be maintained and new funding sources will be sought out.
  • Free services to the campus community such as Motorist Assist and Disability Cart Service will be maintained and promoted.
  • Rules & regulations will be enforced in a fair manner in order to protect public safety and to guard the ability to park legally.