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Due to staffing shortages, our services are currently reduced and last minute changes to routes may be experienced. To stay informed of these changes, please use the Transloc app or Cat Tran Tracker on our website to view real time tracking and alerts. We appreciate your understanding.

Park & Ride parking lots are conveniently located near Cat Tran shuttle stops and along Sun Tran routes, making commuting into campus easy. No matter what side of town you are traveling from, a Park & Ride lot is available. For a detailed map of all Park & Ride locations, see below.

  • North of campus: Lot 9004 & 9007 are located off of Mountain Ave; serviced by the orange Cat Tran route. Campus stops are located near the Student Union and Learning Services.  Cost is $105.
  • South of campus: Lot 9008 located off of Broadway Blvd. & Plumer Ave; serviced by the red Cat Tran route. Campus stops include Campus Health and Optical Science. Cost is $105.
  • West of campus: Lot 9006 located north of downtown off of Sixth St; serviced by the blue Cat Tran route. Shuttle stops include Time Market and Old Main. Cost is $105.


  • A neighborhood boarding pass is required for Orange Route and can be purchased on the Parking Account Portal.
    • Log in with your netID
    • Select Get Permits
    • Select Orange Boarding Pass
    • Proceed through the purchase pages
    • A temporary boarding pass will be available at the end of the transaction as you wait for your boarding pass in the mail.
    • Please note, no boarding pass is required on Red Route or Blue Route. However if you wish to leave your vehicle in 9006 or 9008 Park and Ride Lots, a parking permit is required.

Park & Ride Flyer