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Campus Bicycle Station 

Need help with your bicycle?  We have the solution.....
Students and employees can receive FREE bicycle related services from our campus Bicycle Station located next to the campus Bike Valet. Hours of operation are Tuesday - Thursday from 10AM - 2PM (excluding University Holidays). The Bicycle Station is operated by Parking and Transportation Services in conjunction with Pima County. Most of the Bicycle Station attendants are bicycle instructors certified through the League of American Bicyclists.

The following services are offered at no charge

  • Bicycle registration (help recover your bike in the event it is stolen.)
  • Bicycle assistance (assistance with minor bike repairs/problems. Restrictions apply – depending on availability of supplies or work load at time of request).
    • brake adjustment.
    • seat adjustment.
    • handle bar adjustment/correction.
    • chain lubricant/adjustment
    • cable adjustments.
    • pump up your tires/check tire pressure.
    • flat tire assistance.
    • other minor bike repair/assistance.
  • Bicycle related material - maps/brochures/flyers/event information.
  • Bicycle safety class informationexcellent classes for the novice to the enthusiast – all classes are free and you receive bicycle related items.
  • Friendly service by experienced bicycling enthusiast.