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Permit by License Plate

Parking & Transportation Services uses License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology to help monitor parking on campus. This technology eliminates the need to display a sticker decal or hangtag and associates a parking permit to a license plate. Parking enforcement vehicles, equipped with cameras, scan license plates of parked vehicles to verify permit status.

Vehicles are required to park head-in allowing the license plate to be read from the drive lane. Backing into or pulling through parking spaces is not allowed. Certain locations still require a physical permit. See Program Changes for locations that require a physical permit.

You may add up to three vehicle license plates but only one vehicle can be parked in the permit location using the permit. See the “How to” UA PTS | Parking Portal How To to add or disassociate a vehicle from your permit. If you don’t own the vehicle anymore, contact us at (520) 626-7275.

IMPORTANT: Please maintain current license plate information in your parking account portal.