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Parking Program Changes

Permit-By-License Plate

  • Your license plate is your parking permit. A physical permit does not have to be displayed.
  • Head-in parking Only – No back-in parking: Our Parking Services officers need to be able to see your license plate to verify your permit.

Lot Changes

  • Main Campus Lots - All surface lots and street parking are Permit-By-License Plate.
  • EXCEPTION: The following parking locations still require a physical permit to be displayed:
    • Lot 1018
    • Lot 2021
    • Lot 2025
    • National Championship Drive
    • All motorcycle locations
    • Specialty permits (i.e., Retiree, USA, President's Club).
    • PBC Campus - All locations

Main Campus Garage Environments – Permit by License Plate

Gateless Garages
Health Sciences
Highland Avenue
Honors Village
South Stadium

Gated Garages - RFID unit required to enter/exit garage
Cherry Avenue
Main Gate
Park Avenue
Second Street
Sixth Street
Tyndall Avenue

Gated Garage permit holders receive an RFID unit, which is designed to adhere to the lower left-hand corner (driver's side) of the front windshield and will open the gates at the entrance and exit.