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Refunds & Exchanges


If you have not purchased a parking permit:
If you have purchased another permit type:
  • Email
  • Subject Line: Waitlist Assignment Exchange
  • In the body of the email, include your NetID and indicate that you would like to accept your waitlist assignment.
  • You will be responsible for the difference in pricing if the cost of the permit is more than your current permit cost. Ex. Lot permit to a garage permit. If the area is less than your current permit, you will be refunded the difference. Ex. Garage permit to lot permit.
  • Gated Garages: If your current permit is for a gated garage and your new assignment is to another gated garage, keep your RFID unit. Our Customer Relations Staff will activate it for the new garage facility.
    • If your new assignment is from a gated garage to a non-gated facility. Return your RFID unit.

Don’t worry send in your email request to exchange, and our Customer Relations staff will reach out to you and provide instructions for each case scenario.

Payment Terms for Permit Type

  • Annual Parking Permit: The purchase price of an annual permit pays for 9 months of parking and the permit holder receives the summer for free.
  • Academic Year Parking Permit: Park & Ride Off Campus Lots: 9004/9006/9007 and 9008. The purchase price of an academic permit pays for 9 months of parking and the permit holder receives a portion of the month of May for free. Summer permits may be purchased if parking is needed beyond the expiration date of the Academic Year Parking Permit.
  • Summer Permits: If you are new to campus or have an academic year permit, you have the option to purchase a parking permit for the summer. Reach out to us at


The deadline to request a refund is the last business day of April. No refund value associated with the permit after last business day in April.See example of refund depreciation below:

Refund example: Main Campus - Garage Permit - Cost $726.
All amounts are for reference only and will vary for each customer.
We only prorate refunds on a monthly basis.
Refund requests must be submitted during normal business hours. If submitted out of our normal business hours, the refund amount will be processed based on the next business day.
$726.00 9 $81.00
Before the permit's effective date $726
Aug 15 - Sept 14 $648
Sept 15 - Oct 14 $570
Oct 15 - Nov 14 $495
Nov 15 - Dec 14 $416
Dec 15 - Jan 14 $341
Jan 15 - Feb 14 $263
Feb 15 - Mar 14 $185
Mar 15 - Apr 14 $114
Apr 15 - Apr 28 $36

Payroll Deduction Customers

The parking permit year is August to August. However, customers on payroll deduction, will not start paying for usage until mid-September. For example, from the table above: If you are on payroll deduction and you return your permit on September 1, you owe one month of usage ($726/9 = $81 monthly usage). Because we prorate on a monthly basis, you will continue to see deductions until monthly usage has been paid in full.