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Employee Reduced-Cost Occasional Use Permits

Parking & Transportation Services has available the following NEW options to university employees due to the increase in teleworking on campus:

  • Employee Occasional Use Parking Garage Permit - Purchase a preloaded card that allows you to park for any (20) days at a cost of $120.
    • AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE 8/3/20 on the Parking Account Portal
    • Payroll deduction is not available as a payment method.
    • Valid in South Stadium Parking Garage OR Highland Parking Garage.
    • Occasional Permit can be reloaded for additional days if it's exhausted.
    • Valid 8/17/20 - 8/13/21, non-refundable.
    • Cannot be combined with an annual or academic parking permit.
    • For Phoenix option, please visit the Phoenix Biomedical Campus Permit page.
    • Accessible Option available upon request, please email
  • Even lower cost daily parking for occasional users - $2.00 per day in Parking Lot 9008.
    • No permit required. Simply park in the designated spaces within Parking Lot 9008 and pay via the Passport mobile app.
    • For instructions on how to use Passport Parking App, visit Visitor and Hourly Pay Parking.
    • Only available for employees who telework, but need to come to campus occasionally.

Other options for occasional parking needs

  • Hourly Pay Parking - If you’re only on campus for a short time you can pay by the hour.
    • Passport App parking available at surface lots around campus for $2/hour. For a map, visit UArrive.
    • For instructions on how to use Passport Parking App, visit Visitor and Hourly Pay Parking.
    • Most parking garages offer hourly parking for $2 per hour with a maximum of either $8 or $16 per day.
  • Evening Parking permits - Lower cost permit valid in garages or parking lots after a certain time of day.
    • Evening permits allow parking in undedicated spaces in surface lots after 2:30 p.m.
    • Garage evening permits are issued for a specific garage and are valid after 3:30 p.m.