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FAQ's for October 20, 2011 (Thursday) Arizona Wildcat Football Game

  1. Updates for 10/20:

    As of 4:30 today, all UA Garages are now available for football patrons. As are surface lots north of Speedway and South of Sixth Street.

  2. Why is there a Thursday football game on campus?
    As you know, on October 20, 2011 (Thursday), our Wildcat Football Team will face off against the UCLA Bruins. The kick off for the game is at 6:00 P.M. This event is certain to bring a lot of excitement to our campus and as a nationally televised game it will bring positive exposure to the University. U of A Athletics are important to the University, bringing us a national audience and a chance to showcase our beautiful campus. This benefits all of us.
  3. Will a Thursday game disrupt the normal parking arrangements?
    To accommodate this event Parking and Transportation Services must ensure there is parking for more than 60,000 football fans. This will cause more disruption to our campus than a typical football game does due to the early Thursday kick off time. We know this will cause some stress to all of you due to your normal parking arrangements being unavailable. We apologize for the disruption.
  4. How will you accommodate 60,000 fans and 50,000 staff, faculty and students in the campus lots and garages all at the same time?
    To minimize the stress and uncertainty surrounding the need for football parking, PTS is providing each of our permit holders in the affected areas assigned alternate parking. The assigned alternate parking will ensure you know where to park on game day and that you can make any adjustments necessary to your schedule if additional travel time is required to navigate to/from your alternate parking location.
    PTS believes that assigning alternate parking is the best way to approach this challenging event. Simply pointing you in the direction of an alternate parking area and then hoping for the best would surely lead to unnecessary frustration, congestion as people searched for parking and general displeasure. PTS is attempting to put forward the best plan it can to address this challenging event. While there is sure to be some disruption/frustration associated with the game, we hope you can join us in making this plan a success for everyone. This is going to be a very exciting game and a high profile one of the 2011 football season.
  5. When will I be notified of any changes in my parking assignment for game day?
    The permit holders that are assigned an alternate parking location for game day will be sent an email from PTS approximately one week before game day indicating the temporary parking assignment for game day.
  6. How will I be able to access my alternative parking space on game day?
    The RFID garage access will also be adjusted for that day, so that individuals will have access to the temporarily assigned parking space.
  7. What permitted lots will be affected on game day?
    Permit holders affected on game day currently park in Cherry Garage, Lots 6090, 6092, 6093, 6097, 6098 and National Championship Drive. 
  8. Who should I contact if I have questions about my parking assignment for game day or other concerns about parking and street closures on game day?
    If you have questions/concerns about this notice please contact 626–PARK (7275) . PTS sincerely appreciates your understanding and support of UA Athletics.
    • Media Inquiries should go directly to: Bill Davidson, Marketing Manager, 626-9655, 404-5733.
  9. Will school be in session on game day?
    Yes, school is in session. Additional time may be needed for travel to and from classes as well as for those arriving or exiting campus.
  10. Will Sun Tran be operating on game day with regular service and football game day service?
    Yes, Sun Tran will be running with service to the football game. For info on routes and schedules see PTS Notification, or go to
  11. Will the CatTran shuttles be in operation on game day?
    Free Cat Tran shuttle service from the alternate parking site will be provided. Cat Tran Shuttles will be rerouted beginning at 12 Noon to accommodate the Wildcat Walk, and other pre game activities. Here is the specific information on each of the Cat Tran routes: Purple, Green and Night Cat routes will be adjusted beginning at noon on October 20th. All other routes and schedules will remain the same throughout the day, however, significant delays on all routes may be experienced. Purple Route: Stops not serviced will be the Steward Observatory east and west, Main Library east and west, and Graham/Greenlee north and south. Green Route: Stops not serviced will be Steward Observatory west, Main Library west, and Graham/Greenlee north. Night Cat Route: Stops not serviced will be Highland Market east, Graham/Greenlee south, Main Library east, and Stewart Observatory east. Regular Service will resume Friday, October 21, 2011.
  12. Will any of the streets be closed and how will I know where to drive when leaving and coming to campus?
    Cherry at Hawthorne , Highland at 4th Street , and Enke west of National Championship will close on October 20 at approximately 3:30 in order to allow the Wildcat Walk to take place and to ensure the safety of the large number of pedestrians in the area.
  13. What time does the game start and what time will I need to park in my alternative parking area on game day?
    Cherry Garage will be closed for permit holders beginning Wednesday, October 19th at 8 PM and will reopen after the game on October 20th.
  14. If I have questions about departmental parking reservations on game day, who should I contact?
    Departmental parking reservations for October 20th should be made by calling Visitor Programs at 621-3710.
  15. Where can I find a parking map for game day?
    Viewing this link requires Adobe Acrobat Viewer.

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