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Diversion Program


Thank you for your interest in our citation Diversion Program. This program allows you to either reduce or eliminate the fee associated with a parking citation. Ultimately we hope to increase your understanding of parking at our university. We believe this can be a more meaningful and positive experience than simply paying a fee.


Many people believe that the purpose behind issuing a fee for a parking infraction is to generate revenue. This is a common misnomer in the parking industry and in fact not true. Citations are designed to serve as a deterrent to committing violations or continuing to commit them in the future. The ultimate goal is to change behaviors to maintain a safe and accessible campus.


Imagine for a moment what the campus might be like if there were no enforcement of parking regulations. The campus would likely be a very chaotic and unpleasant place to visit. At Parking & Transportation Services, we enforce parking regulations to maintain an orderly campus and to ensure reasonable availability of parking for students, faculty, staff and visitors. In addition to parking enforcement we also monitor speeds in parking garages to ensure safety in parking areas.


By completing this program, we aim to educate you about:
  • UA motor vehicle rules and regulations
  • citation fees and how to appeal them
  • our robust alternative transportation programs


By electing to enroll in the Diversion Program, we hope that in place of paying a fee your participation in the program will result in a learning experience and behavioral changes. Additionally, we are optimistic that you will find the content of our program interesting and worthwhile.


Only one request per permit year will be granted, and must be made within fourteen (14) calendar days from the date the citation was issued. Opting for the Diversion Program, waives the ability to appeal the violation regardless of outcome.


IMPORTANT: Paying for the citation while participating in the Diversion Program will void test results and future opportunity to participate in the program within the permit year.


We have designed the program to be completed as an online multiple choice test, which is self-paced. On average it will take approximately 2 – 3 hours to complete. A score of is 85% or more is needed to pass. At the end there will be an optional extra credit question that can replace an incorrect answer. Effort and thought into your response will be measured, there is no right or wrong answer.


To enroll in the Diversion Program, submit a request through the Parking Account Portal under “Appeal.” In the “Appeal Reason” place the words “Diversion Request.”

We will process your request in the order received. It may take up to 1-2 weeks before you receive an email with further instructions. A member of PTS staff will review your request within 1-2 weeks, ensure eligibility and then email with further instructions.