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Bicycle Information

Bicycle Regulations

It is the responsibility of all individuals operating a bicycle or non-motorized device on campus to read and fully understand the: Viewing this link requires Adobe Reader Bicycle (and Non-Motorized Transportation) Parking and Traffic Regulations.

Bike Classes / Maps / Guides

Campus Bicycle Programs

Bicycle Parking

Bicycle parking is available throughout campus and is designated by the presence of bicycle racks, blocks, lockers, and/or specifically designated bike parking areas/enclosures. Bicycles must be parked only within the boundaries of designated bike areas/enclosures and properly attached to a bike rack/block or within a bike locker.

Park Your Bike With Added Security!

Parking and Transportation Services offers two improved options for cyclists who desire more security for bicycle parking/storage. Rentals available to UA students or employees only.

Bicycle Lockers: Lease an individual high-security bicycle locker. Fees: $100 annual rental (5/10/2013 – 5/16/2014). $80 refundable key deposit required. Fee prorates daily. No refunds after April 4, 2014. Currently, we offer bicycle lockers in the following areas: AHSC (located near the bus stop on Drachman Circle(12 lockers), AHSC Pharmacy Bldg. (16 lockers), Nugent Bldg S.E. side (12 lockers), Bio West Bldg. N.E. side (40 lockers), Comstock Bldg. N.E. side (12 lockers), Keating Bldg. N.E. side (10 lockers), Life Sciences Bldg. (12 lockers), McClelland Hall (14 lockers), Harshbarger (13 lockers), Psychology Bldg. (14 lockers), Bio Sciences East (8 lockers), Cherry Ave Garage (12 lockers), Chavez Bldg (10 lockers), Lot 3039 (12 Lockers). Additional locations will be posted as they are implemented.

Bicycle Enclosures: Convenient, gated, keyless entry locked enclosures with individual assigned spaces that are security fenced, covered and protected from inclement weather. The enclosures are located inside the following Parking Garages and have the following bike parking spaces; Main Gate (42 spaces), Tyndall - North side (25 spaces) South side (47 spaces), Park (20 spaces), Highland (49 spaces), Cherry (15 spaces), and Second Street Garage (15 spaces). The Main Gate Garage has free-standing metal parking stanchions. The other bike enclosures contain bicycle racks. You will use your own U-Lock to secure your bike in its assigned space and be given a unique individualized entry code. Fees: $35 annual rental (5/10/2013 - 5/16/2014). Fee prorates daily. No refunds after April 4, 2014.

Viewing this link requires Adobe Acrobat Viewer. Bicycle Enclosure & Locker Rental Agreement

"Please note: The Highland Garage bicycle enclosure has secure fencing, but is located outside and is not covered."


Please call 626-PARK (7275) for more information.

Note: Parking and Transportation Services does not guarantee that the bicycle enclosures are vandal or theft-proof.

Bicycle Enforcement

Bicycle Theft

As is the case on many college campuses these days - due to the vast quantity of parked bicycles - theft can be a problem. A few seconds is all a thief needs to take your bike when it is unsecured. Professional thieves can steal your bike within a few minutes even when secured. If you have a substantial investment in your bike, you may want to consider a higher quality U-lock and one of our other more secure parking areas. When locking your bicycle always utilize a good quality U-Lock. Be sure to secure the front wheel and frame to the bike rack.

Bicycle registration is free, strongly recommended, and may help prevent bike theft. It also may help recover your bike in the event of theft. See "Bicycle Registration" below.

Bicycle Registration

Free bike registration is available through PTS: Online, or visit the Bike Station on Tues. & Weds., 9AM - 1PM.



  • Provides a record of ownership
  • Acts as documentation for your insurance carrier
  • Aids authorities in locating the owner of a stolen bike
  • Free lock cutting service for UA-registered bikes on campus


  • Registration is FREE
  • Available to UA students, faculty, staff, visitors
  • Registration Online
  • Lock cuts: Monday through Friday 7am - 8pm.
  • For more info call: 626-PARK (7275)


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